RESULTS FOR: September 2017 / East & West Sussex

Total for September 2017:£24.2m--3.9--1.65--4----5.9--3.50.75----
Total for August 2017:£129.3m------30.239------50.1----2----8------
1new1Scorpion Engineering Construction Ltd£4m     4            
2new1Colas Ltd£3.9m 3.9                
3new1Baxall Construction £3.5m          3.5       
4new1Denmark & White Ltd£3.4m        3.4         
5new2Ellis Building Contractors Ltd£3m        1.5      1.5  
6new1Mildren Construction £1.8m                1.8 
7new1One Group£1.2m              1.2   
8new1West End Group£1m   1              
9up1Westridge Construction Ltd£1m        1         
10new1Cheesmur Building Contractors£0.75m           0.75      
11up2Russell Cawberry£0.65m   0.65              
12up0Willmott Dixon£0m                  
The information contained within these tables has been collected to the best of our knowledge however we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies in value or date of award