RESULTS FOR: January 2019 / Essex

Total for January 2019:£597.9m--130--11.582.86.35676.25--170----196--------
Total for December 2018:£86.9m--4.3--8.41--3.4----31----12.8512--10----
1new1Volker & Morgan Sindall JV£196m             196    
2up1Countryside Properties plc£170m          170       
3new1Mace Ltd£130m 130                
4new1Graham Construction£67m       67          
5up1Phelan Construction Ltd£8m    8             
6new1J Coffey Construction Ltd£7m   7              
7new1BDB Design Build Ltd£6m      6           
8new1George Martin Ltd£3m        3         
9new1Hutton Construction Ltd£2.8m     2.8            
10new1Mid Group£2m   2              
11new1Rose Builders Ltd£2m        2         
12new1ETC Sports Ltd£1.2m   1.2              
13new1Horizon Construction Management Ltd£0.76m   0.76              
14new1Cura Construction Ltd£0.5m        0.5         
15new1Engie UK Ltd£0.5m        0.5         
16new1Abacus Build (UK) Ltd£0.4m   0.4              
17new1Cadman Builders Ltd£0.35m      0.35           
18down1Durkan Ltd£0.25m        0.25         
19new1Kompan UK Ltd£0.1m   0.1              
The information contained within these tables has been collected to the best of our knowledge however we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies in value or date of award