RESULTS FOR: January 2019 / Berkshire

Total for January 2019:£48.3m------34--------5.4----8.9------------
Total for December 2018:£53m------1.32.256----35.8----7------0.7----
1new1Wates Ltd£30m   30              
2new1Stonegate Homes Ltd£5m        5         
3new1Francis Construction Ltd£4.9m           4.9      
4new1Neilcott Construction Ltd£4m   4              
5new1Corley & Woolley Ltd£3m           3      
6new1GPF Lewis£1m           1      
7new1Resource Building Services Ltd£0.4m        0.4         
The information contained within these tables has been collected to the best of our knowledge however we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies in value or date of award