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RESULTS FOR: September 2017 / Oxfordshire

Total for September 2017:£67.3m------3.851.1--15--11.54.31----12.5----18--
Total for August 2017:£1,704.8m------3.758------3----1--1,689--------
1new1Feltham Construction£18m                18 
2up3Carillion plc£15.4m   2.88         12.5    
3new1Bourne Construction Engineering Ltd£15m      15           
4new1Mears Group£7.5m        7.5         
5new1Kingerlee Ltd£4.3m         4.3        
6new1RW Armstrong Ltd£4m        4         
7new1Conlon Construction Ltd£1.1m    1.1             
8new1Boom Construction Ltd£1m          1       
9new2Benfield & Loxley Ltd£0.98m   0.98              
The information contained within these tables has been collected to the best of our knowledge however we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies in value or date of award